Buffalo in Silverado – attainable homes


2 storey townhomes
2 & 3 bedroom units
1280 – 1330 square feet
Enclosed backyards
To book a viewing, please call 403-919-0153

Buffalo at Silverado is all about fusing styles and elements to create a unique and peaceful harmony. These Colonial-style condos offer earthy craftsmen details and rich jewel tone colours. This beautiful marriage of traditional and modern architecture suits the community of Silverado perfectly. With gorgeous aged trees populating the area, and a stunning view of the mountains, Buffalo in Silverado makes home a little slice of heaven.

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About Attainable Homes

Attainable Homes Calgary is a non-profit organization, created and owned by The City of Calgary, working to help moderate-income Calgarians achieve quality homeownership.

How We Make Ownership Happen

We provide down payment assistance in the form of an investment partnership. By connecting builders, developers, lenders, lawyers, and other resources, we can give qualified Calgarians the chance to buy their own home with a $2,000 down payment.

Attainable Homes provides the remainder of the down payment to achieve the required 5 percent. If the time comes when you would like to move, we share a portion of the home’s appreciation to help pay-it-forward to more Calgarians dreaming of homeownership. The longer you live in your home, the larger your share (to a maximum of 75%). If your dream is homeownership, Attainable Homes is here to make it happen.

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