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Ivy refuses to hop out this building and you may Steffy organizes defense so you can escort Ivy out

Ivy refuses to hop out this building and you may Steffy organizes defense so you can escort Ivy out

In the Forrester appointment, Ridge chooses to hand your face of Forrester status so you can Steffy but Steffy refuses and you may allows Ivy to have it. Steffy are furious during the Wyatt having devoid of the videos deleted. Steffy gets to Wyatt’s beach home when you’re Ivy has gone out and you may about to make sure the movies removal is done. Steffy prompts Wyatt to remove brand new video clips and he is regarding force this new switch, Ivy gets in the latest seashore family, enraged within condition. Wyatt is actually fed up with the newest attacking and you will desires them to bury the fresh new hatchet. Steffy and you can Ivy apologize to one another. Ivy deletes new films. Steffy says to Liam it tucked the fresh new hatchet and you will Liam try delighted about that.

Steffy decides to flames Ivy regarding Forrester Creations due to the fact she are unable to work at people she can not believe. Ivy is actually astonished and you may Wyatt is unhappy however, Liam really stands by the Steffy. Wyatt seems empathy to own Ivy and you can proposes to their mom their new package. Wyatt think Bill you will expose a manner home significantly less than Spencer Courses. Wyatt and you may Ivy invite Expenses and Katie out to propose the fresh new tip. Katie agrees it is preferable however, Costs try facing they as the Spencer Courses is a publishing company. Ivy returns to Forrester and you can pleads Steffy on her behalf work straight back. Steffy features this lady the positioning and came up with a concept. Steffy recommends Ivy become top honors design to the lingerie line. Ivy try unwilling however, Steffy prompts the woman to choose they. Ivy models to own Wyatt at the beach household but seems vulnerable from the strutting in front of scores of viewers. Wyatt encourages this lady in order to accept which status. At the photographs strive for Ivy’s underwear range, Liam finishes the fresh new capture. Ivy and you can Steffy really composed along.

Ivy pledges she would do just about anything Steffy claims

Caroline eloped with Ridge which Liam are pleased on her behalf. Pam, Charlie, Liam, and you will Caroline was for the a room with Caroline when Caroline seriously must make use of the restroom. Pam rates she could be pregnant and you will rapidly snatches a pregnancy sample. Whenever Caroline production, each of them announce that they imagine she could be pregnant. Ridge steps in and you can admits that they are having a baby.

Liam states it is incorrect from Steffy and come up with Ivy perform which hence Ivy and you will Steffy features one another made mistakes

Thomas begins complimenting Ivy on her behalf beauty. Ivy is at pain initially however, admits Thomas try handsome and you may lets your so you’re able to hug this lady twice. Ivy ends your and you will informs him it will never happen once again. Thomas admits in order to Steffy he kissed the girl twice. Steffy is actually surprised but Thomas states like Ivy. Thomas makes a wager that have Steffy which he might get Ivy getting himself. Whenever Wyatt and Quinn travelling for the a corporate stop by at San Francisco for the weekend, Ivy decides to sit the evening at the Forrester Mansion. While the a great thunderstorm goes for the and you can Ivy when the remaining by yourself having Thomas. Thomas flirts together with her and you will uses Ivy as much as their space and you may continues on. Ivy allows Thomas and then make aside together with her between the sheets.

Ivy feels done guilt over how it happened and is not able to share with Wyatt when he output domestic another early morning, fearing she’d treat your. Although not, Steffy overhears Thomas and you will Ivy speaking of how it happened one evening. Just after telling Liam on which she had heard, Liam needs that Steffy stay out of it rather than say things, but after watching the woman later one time, Steffy reveals so you’re able to Ivy one she understands whatever taken place and provides Ivy an ultimatum: either Ivy informs Wyatt what happened or Steffy have a tendency to. Ivy believes to tell Wyatt straight away, but rather agrees to share with your later on you to nights while they are alone.