Lock in your purchase price today. Rent the home you’ll eventually own while you save your down payment or repair your credit.

We are testing Rent to Own as a way into homeownership for twelve future homeowners. These opportunities are available on any of our immediate-possession homes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop from our immediate-possession properties (link when ready).
  2. If you find a home you’re interested in seeing, please email us or phone (403-265-9935) to let us know.
  3. We’ll connect you with one of our assigned mortgage advisors. Together with them, you will discuss your suitability to the Rent to Own program and create a plan to ensure you are mortgage-ready in 18 months.
  4. When you’ve found a home that meets your mortgage-qualifying criteria as determined by the mortgage advisor, you will sign two agreements:

Rental Agreement:

  • You will sign a rental agreement
  • Provide one month’s security deposit
  • $500 administration fee
  • Pay monthly rent

Option to Purchase Agreement:

  • Indicates your intention to purchase the home at the current posted price.
  • Each month, you pay an extra $112 that goes into a savings account for your down payment.
  • You agree to check in with the mortgage advisor every three months.


  1. After 18 months, you will have saved $2,000 and can choose between:
    1. Buying through the regular AHC down payment assistance program.
    2. Continuing to rent so that you can save a full 5% down payment and purchase the home on your own without AHC.

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