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Only $2000 Down Gets You A Home!

Live Close to Work and Own Your Home!

We know you’re hard at work taking care of Calgarians and we appreciate all that you do! That’s why we’re offering employees in the healthcare industry $500 cash back when you purchase a home through our program. Proof of your employment within the healthcare industry is required (work ID, pay stub, or employment letter).

Do you work at the South Health Campus? Imagine how convenient your lifestyle could be if your commute was just 5 minutes to your new home in Seton. OR under 15 minutes to your new home in Waldon!

Move-in ready homes are waiting for you in SE Calgary.

If you are not a healthcare worker, you can still receive down payment assistance. We are backed by the city of Calgary, and provide opportunities for moderate-income Calgarians to purchase a home.

Limited homes available, call us today!