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Explore the developments coming in 2024. We will be launching a range of development options to suit your needs and guide you towards attaining your next home.

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Attainable Homes Calgary believes homeownership provides stability, security and freedom. If you are a moderate-income Calgarian and you want to attain homeownership but can’t save a down payment, we could be the program for you. Give yourself the gift of homeownership today. AHC is a non-profit organization owned by The City of Calgary — helping over 950 Calgarians realize the dream of homeownership since 2009.

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Our Attainable Homes program helps you out with the down payment: you contribute $2,000 and we’ll pay the rest! From there it’s all about sharing; if and when you sell your home, the growth in the home’s value (the appreciation) is split between you and us. The longer you live in your home, the more you keep. We put our portion back into the program to provide more homeownership opportunities for Calgarians. It’s an investment you can feel great about.