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Attainable Living

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Attainable Homes is working hard to expand our efforts to provide affordable living for low- and moderate-income Calgarians! Calgary is in a housing crisis where prices are increasing, and availability of affordable product is decreasing. This has impacted our ability to purchase affordably priced homes from our builder partners as prices have risen beyond what our clients can afford. That’s why we are building our own inventory of townhomes for sale and apartments for rent. However, the development process takes time and we plan on launching our new developments in 2024!

We appreciate your commitment to our Attainable Homes program and your patience as we work on these opportunities.

For more information on our Attainable Homeownership Program:

Contact Karen for more information: or 403-390-9310

For more information on our Attainable Rental Program:

Contact Gabriel for more information: or 587-896-4663

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