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Homeownership never looked so good!

Tim and Maureen never thought it would be possible to become proud new homeowners at the young age of 50 but thanks to a friend’s recommendation, they decided to take the leap into homeownership!

What brought you to Attainable Homes? We chose Attainable Homes as renting was becoming untenable, and we had no chance to save up the massive (for us) down payment to own our own home. We had friends who had purchased through Attainable, and they seemed delighted with their home.

What was your favorite part of the buying process? My favorite part of the buying process was how simple it was. Everything was explained in full detail and Attainable connected us with a mortgage broker and a lawyer! It really made owning our first home a breeze!

What features do you like best about your new home? The features I like best include the quality of our home, the ‘newness’ of all the stainless-steel appliances, the wonderful soaker tubs, ample storage and above all, the energy efficiency our homes provides.

Do you have a fun fact or story about your family you would like to share? At our age, we thought we would never get a chance to become homeowners. However, thanks to Attainable Homes, we are now loving our new life while building equity for our future. Anyone has the chance to be a homeowner with help from Attainable Homes and their amazing program.

We are so happy that we were able to help Tim and Maureen out of the rental rut (and so are their cats). It really does go to show that you can make your dreams of homeownership a reality no matter what stage you are in life! Contact us today to learn more about our program and how you can own for just $2,000 down!