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Meet our VIP Family!

The housing market in Calgary is turning into a crisis whether you’re looking at buying an affordable home or trying to find a well priced rental! Like many, Meag and Caitlin experienced this firsthand! After years of renting, their landlord decided to sell their complex leaving them anxiously trying to find a new home quick! Thankfully, Meag had heard about our down payment assistance program and decided to join our VIP program in hopes to owning their very first home! Well, luck and hard work was on their side! After a few weeks we were able to hand over the keys to their new home in Panorama!

We hear stories like this a lot. The rental market has shifted dramatically in Calgary and many of our moderate-income workforce are being displaced. To give you a better idea, over 50,000 people were added to our city’s population in 2022 and ONLY 17,000 new homes were constructed! We have big plans over at AHC to help combat these issues and we are excited to share them with you soon!   
In the meantime, we highly suggest you read our annual report which dives deep into the housing crisis, our initiatives and some amazing success stories from our first time home buyers.