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Welcome to the Family!

We are so excited for the newest members of our AHC family, Pri & Aditya, who purchased their very first home through our VIP Program! These lucky homeowners will get to enjoy their fully renovated townhome just in time for Christmas! Check out what they loved about the buying process!

What brought you to Attainable Homes?

We were looking for a place to live after our landlord gave us a four week notice and thankfully my brother told us know about this program last year but we couldn’t qualify at the time, but here we are a year later, first time home buyers!

What was your favorite part about the buying process?

We ended up talking about where the furniture would go or which spot we would host our friends and family in almost every house we looked at! It was funny because we did it in every house even if we were unsure if it was going to be the one.

What features do you like best about your new home?

We love having a separate living area, large bedrooms and a developed basement! Our home is also very close to our community, the Sikh temple, and to the international airport!

Do you have a fun fact or story about your family you would like to share?

We didn’t think owning a home was possible in this crazy real estate market but AHC made it possible and we are so so grateful!

If you would like to start your homeownership journey then contact our sales team today to learn more!