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New Baby, New Home!

Ayodeji and his beautiful family always dreamed that one day they could become homeowners in Canada. After the birth of their second child, they took a chance and made their dreams a reality. Check out what they loved about their experience

What brought you to Attainable Homes? 

The birth of my second child brought AHC to our attention. The social work who came to check on the baby and my wife mentioned different housing programs in Calgary but specifically gave us an AHC flyer which we kept until we were ready to take the first step!

What was your favorite part about the buying process?

The very first time we went for a viewing, that was when it occurred to us that owning our own house could be possible! The moment we saw the home we fell in love and vowed to buy it! Previously it was always a challenge when we tried to get a pre-approval, and it became frustrating! Thankfully, we finally met all the requirements and now own our very first home!

What features do you like best about your new home?

I love the provision of the basement even though, undeveloped, it will allow us to create our own space for when our kids get bigger! I also love the garage, ever since we have been in Canada, our vehicle has always been parked outside, but not anymore!

Do you have a fun fact or story about your family you would like to share?

The fact that we will be paying for our own property and not helping others to pay their mortgage is fun and rewarding for me, and my wife. We always wanted to become homeowners in Canada, so this really is a dream come true for us!

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