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Welcome to the Family Anna!

After moving to Calgary, Anna was luckily introduced to Attainable Homes trough a friend. A few weeks of daydreaming and pondering, she finally took the leap into homeownership and is now a lucky homeowner at REACH Martindale. Check-out what she loved about the buying process below.

What brought you to Attainable Homes?

My family and I always believed that owning a property/home is the best way to go, and it has always been one of my top goals before moving to Calgary. After moving, a family friend showed me the Attainable Homes website and what the program has to offer. After a few weeks’ worth of daydreaming and pondering, I figured AHC’s program would probably be my best bet in achieving my goal of owning a house early – especially in this market.

What was your favorite part about the buying process?

My favorite part about the process was probably the viewing; the excitement in thinking and knowing that a beautiful place could be my own to enjoy and decorate is just priceless! Another thing was the consistent support and guidance I received from Karen, Paul from Scotiabank, and most especially my family. ❤️ You are all the real MVPs!

 What features do you like best about your new home?

I love how it’s just the perfect size for someone living solo like myself. From the cute little flash eating counter to the little patio area where Snoopy (my dog) and I could hang out during nice days – really can’t complain. Not to mention in-suite laundry has always been a must for me when it comes to house hunting. Lastly, the area is just so accessible! I’m really excited for this next chapter.

Do you have a fun fact or story about your family you would like to share?

I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. where my whole family currently resides. My parents are financial advisors (I am too) who are incredibly passionate about helping people – as they sure helped me with this next big step. I’m the only one in Calgary with my fur babies – Snoopy and Minky, and with whom I am currently embarking this journey of soul searching with! (Not much of a fun fact, but that’s about it).

Today’s market is a tough one to overcome so why not let us help you! Contact our sales team to learn how you can own for just $2,000 down!